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Hi, everyone!

We started Valeron Games in the fall of 2019, and as 2020 opened we were ready to introduce our new products, in person, at over a dozen different conventions around the world. Then the Covid pandemic happened and everything changed.

Instead of gaming, in fact, most of our team wound up spending the last year working hard to bring C-19 test kits and PPE into America from overseas, as well as doing other things to help our local communities deal with different challenges.

The world still faces serious problems, as the vaccination push races to get ahead of the spread of new, more infectious strains of the disease. But there are also good reasons to have hope, and indicators of real progress in the fight for safety and a return to normalcy.

So we, in our own turn, are now returning to the fun projects that brought our team together in the first place.

Details about our new games and their availability are being finalized and will be announced soon, both online and in person (yay!) as parts of the country begin to safely reopen.

We are happy to be at DragonCon, and looking forward to being at the shows that are able to reopen as soon as they are able to reopen.

As we have more event dates to share, we will update this page.

Thanks to everyone for your patience during the pandemic. We can't wait to get back to having fun. and bringing new games to you!