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Once upon a time a well-known fantasy author came up with the idea of an impossible card game, which he called “Dragon Poker.” It was a one-off gag for a book, good for a few pages of jokes, and that’s where the author left it...which was a dangerous thing to do. Because one person’s Impossible is invariably somebody else’s Oh Yeah? That’s What You Think.

Welcome to Dragon Poker. For real. Designer Rion Bergquist figured out how to do it, wowed the author and got his approval, and after years of additional development is finally putting this incredible game in everyone’s hands. Whatever your favorite version of poker — Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, or anything else there is — you can play its Dragon Poker variant using our two-deck system: a deck of standard cards plus four Jokers (which we like to think of as St. Georges), and a deck of Ruhl cards. Ruhls are incredibly diverse and creative conditional modifiers. Playing them adds eleventy-seven new layers of strategic possibility to what was already the most sophisticated card game on Earth.

Dragon Poker. Easy to describe, quick to learn, endless fun to explore, and amazing to play. Whatever your skill level, you’ll find a whole new experience here.

Dragon Poker - Play by the Ruhls™!

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