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A new twist on an old classic.

In Liars & Landmines players compete to lose all their cards through strategy, buff, and outright deception — but with additional fun and complexity added to the mix thanks to special cards that can be used to alter gameplay itself.

The inspiration for L&L is a Spanish card game that has been around for centuries, under many different names (Liar, Bullshit, Cheat, and I Doubt It, to name a few). Our expanded 56-card version is just as accessible and easy to play as any of those, but even more entertaining, because our special conditional modifier cards let players mess with each other’s strategies in wild and creative ways. With these extra tricks up your sleeve, everything becomes suddenly new and cool. Expect surprises!

It’s a game for all players, at all levels of skill — easy and accessible for beginners, but with enough depth and sophistication to challenge even the most experienced player.

And everybody has to watch out for the landmines...

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Liars & Landmines - A new twist on a classic card game.
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